Havaianas Kids and Baby Size Chart

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between styles.

Kid's Size Guide

11C / 12C29/3027/2818 to 19.3 cm4-5 years
13C / 1Y31/3229/3019.4 - 20.6 cm5-6 years
2Y33/3431/3220.7 to 21.9 cm6-7 years
3Y / 4Y35/3633/3422 to 23.3 cm8-9 years

Baby Size Guide

4C19/2017/1811.4 to 12.6 cm10-14 months
5C201912.7 to 13.3 cm14-16 months
6C212013.4 to 13.9 cm16-18 months
7C222114 to 14.6 cm18-21 months
8C232214.7 to 15.3 cm21-24 months
9C25/2623/2415.4 to 16.6 cm2-3 years
10C27/2825/2616.7 to 17.9 cm3-4 years